Many of you can probably relate to the feeling of being out of place and feeling different on this planet. Am I right?

I think those of us who have chosen to walk the conscious path of spiritual and personal development have at times experienced feelings of loneliness and exclusion.

There are many of us who source from other worlds. We are what’s referred to as Starseeds. We’ve been scattered in places all around our planet in order to help set forth this enormous transformation known as the Ascension.

This transformation has been going on for a very long time and you have in all probability contributed to it ever since you were born. You came into this reality with your specific energy and light codes to awaken and transform life here.

Wow! It is quite astonishing to think about. So meticulously planned, down to the smallest detail.

We’ve been positioned around the globe to anchor our Starseed energies and frequencies in our unique location. 

And at last, we have made it! We’ve accomplished the task of bridging our home here with the higher realms of existence. 

In recent years, we’ve started to come together. From our outposts in the field we’ve been able to come into contact with our starseed friends and our network has grown stronger. 

Many of us are now in contact with each other and as more and more of our Soul Tribes appear we feel more at home again.

Our light network has grown so strong that it can now hold the frequency for the new earth to be born. 

In the creation of the light grid, we have over the years expanded the light network to bridge the worlds and take the 3D reality to the next step in Earth’s evolutionary process. Much like a large fishing net of light, we swoop up the old and bring it with us into the next level of development. It is so beautiful!

I have many times felt and thought… “when will my life truly begin?

It is as if I have lived in a world and time where I do not truly belong, and I have lived with a longing for the reality that vibrates in full harmony with my Truth.

In the great transformation that we are experiencing now, as we stand on the cusp between the old and the new, I can understand at a much deeper level that the life I have longed for all this time will soon begin.

In fact, I feel very strongly that it has already begun. All the love and the strong light that swirl around in my body now testify that my life, my LIFE, has finally started.

I stand fully anchored in my truth. My soul’s essence has been brought to life and I experience a clear and soft sweetness within me.

Now is the time for all of us who have felt so different for most of our lives to step forward and become more visible. 

We are actively creating the new earth and thus WE need to become more visible in society.

We can no longer hide in our closets and in our groups.

Because the people who still live in fear need our support, they need us. Those of us who have worked through and cleared most of our fears and have anchored a deeper level of trust, love and light within us.

We are needed out there!

We are needed as fellow human beings and as guides. We need to stand, much like tour guides, waving the flag of light and gently saying “You can choose this path, if you want. This opportunity exists too.

It is us that build the new earth with all the knowledge, wisdom, information, power and strength that we possess.

We have been mocked, trampled on, ridiculed, not taken seriously…. We may have lived undercover, lived a double life, and been afraid to show what we stand for, who we are and what we are here to give.

We will not wage a war with what has been dysfunctional and corrupt.

Instead we create a parallel existence, a reality from which we send out loving invitations to all who are open to receive.

We’ll say: “You are welcome here! You can let go of suffering and fear, and step into peace, love and joy and join together with us ”.

So now, as we step forward onto the Arena of Life, we show and share that which we are here to give and contribute with.

Over the years, I have very often been asked the question:

Zoë, what is my soul purpose?

It is very clear that everyone wants to live their mission, their highest soul purpose.

To those of you who have been waiting for your soul purpose: It’s here now! 

Step forward, as the unique person that you are. Give freely of your gifts. That which is YOU.

And the demand for what we have to offer will be huge.

It is definitely not a coincidence that I recently released the recordings for my concept Soul Vibration Marketing ™.

In the magical teachings and powerful meditations you will discover and step fully into your soul purpose energetically.

You will learn my secret, super-effective and inexpensive marketing tricks, so you can reach your unique target audience instantly and effortlessly.

You will learn to co-create in unison with your soul’s vibration, i.e. you learn to create and build your business with the help of your unique soul’s essence.

This is a whole new way of thinking. A whole new way of being.

This is the new era in marketing, where everything is done for the highest good. 

You create in alignment with that which you are here to explore, learn and develop. And everyone has their own unique place, so there is no competition.

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I’m looking forward to see you blossom!

In the video below I talk about how much we are needed in the world right now and that our lives finally have begun!

We’re here to lead the way home.

With love,