Swedish celebrity Zoë – From Eurovision Song Contest to successful author in Hollywood

Our Swedish Eurovision song contest participant and workshop leader Zoë, known from the TV series Life on the other side (TV4+) and the magazine Inspire, is a Swedish television celebrity and popular workshop leader.


Best Seller

Zoë participated in the Swedish part of the Eurovision song contest in 2002 with the song Hollywood-do. Now she lives her dream life as a success writer and with her new book, she teaches others to be as successful. She just received a best-selling prize in Hollywood (!) For the book Mastering the Art of Success, written with the best-selling author Jack Canfield and other internationally recognized thoughtleaders.


Spiritual Coach

The story behind the collaboration takes the breath out of her audience. Ten years ago, Zoë, saw the movie The Secret, about the attraction team. Then her biggest dream was created to one day collaborate with Jack Canfield and she put a picture of him on her vision board, a technique for compiling target images for her life. This led her to quit her job within DNA research at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, to gather the courage to start her dream company on an island. Zoë is now a well known swedish workshop leader and spiritual coach who helps people achieve success at all levels of their lives. She has developed successful concepts like Nordic Light Healing, Be an Attractive Magnet ™ and Soul Vibration Marketing ™.


Bestsellers at Amazon.com

In March 2017, Zoë was invited to Jack Canfield’s house in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, to complete a book together with Jack Canfield. Jack Canfield has sold over 500 million books, such as The Success Principals, Chicken Soup for the Soul and other books on the attraction team. He is also famous for the film The Secret, The Oprah Winfrey Show and other talk shows worldwide. Jack Canfield is the United States premier successor named in the Guiness Records Book, on the same day having seven books on the New York Times Best Selling List. The book he writes with Zoë was released in the summer of 2017 and immediately became a best seller on Amazon.com.


The recipe for success

In the book, Zoë describes her successful recipe for success with her company, a brand new type of marketing launched under the name of Soul Vibration Marketing ™. Soul Vibration Marketing will also be available as CD / mp3 and course.




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