DNA Activations

The last fall of Atlantis occurred around 13-14 000 years ago and at that time most of our DNA was shut down. Before this we had access to our full capacity.

During our present time, the time of Ascension, these closed-down DNA strains will be reawakened through strong energies that come to Earth at this time.

They are also be reawakened through various activations. Zoë performs both DNA activations and DNA upgrades, online, in person and through her programmed crystals.


Atlantis was a thriving culture with highly evolved people, who lived in their fully divine power. They had access to magical gifts like healing, telepathy, crystal programming, and they took advantage of the free, clean, endless energy supply that the Universe provides.

Atlantis fell, for the third time, 13 – 14 000 years ago, because the power was being misused. Power and greed took over and that is why we had to turn off a big part of our DNA (our power).

To this day, many of us have memories of Atlantis, Zoë is one of them.

Zoë remembers how she turned off different parts of the DNA, personally and collectively, in different ways. She remembers the pain of having to do it. Zoë remembers codes and energies were hidden both here on earth, on other planets, in the etheric realms and inside us humans.

Some of the energy codes have been stored under the pyramids and on other planets such as the Pleiades. Time has come to unlock everything again.

The Light Key

This energy activates the part of the DNA that gives us permission to show the light again, the permission to step into our full power, which has been hidden since the fall of Atlantis.

The Light Key is transmitted through Zoë’s hands, in person or online. Zoë sends a beam of light from the head to the sacrum.

At the moment, the online activation is only in Swedish. You can find it here.


In a meeting with Jesus and Mary Magdalene in May 2013, Zoë was given the permission to share a Light Key for activations of the Christ consciousness, which she had carried with her since the last fall of Atlantis.

The experience of the recipient varies from total bliss to not much at all. Not everybody needs this, but it is given to those who feel drawn to it, to those who have stored this Light Key within Zoë.

This activation is given online or as a private healing session in a group environment.

First Zoë gives a small talk based on her memories of Atlantis, then she gives a guided meditation where she connects the participants to the highest and purest white light accessible to Zoë at the moment. Thereafter, the personal DNA activation called ”The Light Key – Christ Activation” is given.

The Codes of Atlantis

The Codes of Atlantis consist of:

  • the Zecami codes
  • the new Christ energy
  • the Ra- (Sun) energy

… to activate the new Golden Cosmic Network.

The transfer of these codes are done online. You can buy the activation here.


On two different occasions, September 22nd and October 11th, 2013, the new Golden Cosmic Network was established by Zoë. This is one of Zoë’s major tasks in her current incarnation.

She downloaded the activation keys and energy codes that have been kept hidden since the last fall of Atlantis.

The connection to this new Golden Cosmic Network takes place in three steps and is then an ongoing process. These three steps are achieved by accessing the Zecami codes, the transmission of the new Christ energy and the Ra (sun) energy.

All three transmissions are done online.

The Golden Frequency

The Golden Frequency is a 5th dimensional Christ Light and contains a large number of new codes to be inserted in our DNA during the Ascension process. By receiving this energy an “activation” of your DNA, or rather an upgrade of your DNA, occurs.

The codes are programmed into the 533 crystal pendant. To get you own pendant, click here.


“I felt beautiful energies from all the DNA Activation videos and experienced different activations in my body.”

Vikram Cheema, India


“I want to thank you Zoë. I felt that my spiritual development got a real push forward when I did the DNA activation and after I got the 5-33 Crystal. I’ve been doing yoga for many years and have been a searcher for a long time. The DNA activation was just what I needed and I’m really grateful for it.”

Kaisu Uimaniemi, Sweden


“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the DNA activation in Stockholm. Absolutely wonderful! The energies were so strong. I felt like I disappeared, then I saw a golden band on my shoulders and up to my head. Very nice! I could really feel the heat from your hands!”

Siru, Stockholm


“Thanks Zoë for a great experience! The DNA activation was so powerful! I felt a strong warm sensation on my neck, pitches in the crown chakra and chills throughout my body. I slept wonderfully deep tonight. I feel like a fully charged battery. A new strong energy, such a lovely feeling.”

Lotta Kaliff, Kumla, Sweden



“During the Zecamic codes, it felt like something was activated inside of my head, the pressure was huge and difficult at times. Then I saw your aura very clearly – Oh my, you have some power! During the activation of the Christ’s energy, I felt and saw a white pillar coming down from the sky and straight into my toes. During the last meditation, Anubis leaped towards me, picked me up in one hand, shaked me and blowed me full of RA energy. I was very hot, my body was shaking and I felt how everything fell into place.”

Madeleine, Kalmar, Sweden

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