The soul chooses different experiences for its continual growth.

The soul’s goal is to explore and experience different scenarios and take on various challenges, during its journey through different lifetimes.

In the Universe, there are an infinite number of places and environments with different conditions to incarnate into. We have a variety of creatures to choose from, with appearances we can hardly imagine. We can choose to incarnate as any kind of being.

We can live in beautiful and wonderful environments or we can choose to challenge ourselves in limiting environments with difficult conditions.

When we as souls choose to enter into different realities, different dimensions, with or without a physical body, we also accept the framework and rules that apply to that particular reality we incarnate into.

This means that when we came to Earth, we agreed to the rules that apply to this dimension.

Living in 3D involves a number of limitations, most of which we’ve never questioned.

However, at this stage in the Ascension, we see more clearly. We are remembering more and more about where we come from and the greatness we carry within.

At this time, we can also clearly see the limiting frameworks we have lived within throughout our lives and during previous lifetimes.

We are able to witness this now so that we can move forward into a multidimensional existence. 

We are on the path towards existing without limitations, and this means liberating ourselves from 3D and the rules and frameworks that exist there.

I call these limitations ‘programs’.

There are collective programs that apply to the entire collective of humanity as well as individual programs, i.e. the specific and unique impressions that shaped the individual throughout their upbringing. 

Some examples of programs which are prevalent in the 3D reality are:

Guilt, shame, separation, hierarchies, norms, lack, social systems such as health care, school, economy etc., the idea that some professions are more valuable than others, believing in something/someone outside ourselves more than we believe in our own inner power, that we are not divine, that we will die, that we need to eat food for our survival, that we are not lovable, that we are not in contact with nature, etc.

All these beliefs are programs that belong to the 3D reality, both collectively and individually, and they are being uninstalled during the Ascension.

This can be done in different ways with different methods, and much of it happens automatically in the processes we go through.

The deprogramming of 3D is also what we will focus on during the upcoming 21-Day Healing Program with the theme “Dissolve Collective Programming – Connect to the New Earth”.

We will free ourselves from ALL the programming we have agreed to experience in the 3D reality.

We do this by deprogramming the dysfunctional programs from 3D and installing new programs for the new earth.

Human suffering is one of the greatest programs that exists in the 3D reality.

All of us who have incarnated on earth have agreed to experience and partake in that suffering as a phenomenon.

NOW it’s finally time to break the collective soul contract that says we must suffer here on earth.

Are you ready to let go of suffering?

Are you ready to live in total joy and ease?

On March 23rd I went live on YouTube and together we experienced an enormously powerful process where we deprogrammed human suffering.

If you feel called to participate, click the video below.  It is not too late to join!

With love,